Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winning the popularity contest

Word has reached me that one or two of those rather soppy Dambeth Councillors opposed to the giant mushroom in Trixton and particuarly the ruination improvements scheduled for Scretam's ice palace or whatever it is are a little upset about my musings on here.

God knows why; you could all do with a sense of humour, especially those associated with the Cleggist wing of politics. There you are, causing merry hell all over the country, and you get upset about a few well chosen home truths finding their mark. Well boo hoo!

You need to learn to be more like Brother Cheatham with his overcoat of hubris, or Gruesome P. Silverblade, the erstwhile Head of Community Engagement and Big Society for Nesco with his hat of arrogance. I say 'erstwhile' because apparently he got stuck in the snow a few days back visiting Nesco's latest hypermegamarket in Alaska - part of their expansion into the NW American wilderness, and new proposal to move into oil drilling. Every little helps!

And I have a welcome to issue, to the latest member of the 'team' piloting through this fantastic project for Scretam and Trixton. Mayor Quimby has joined the Nesco 'gang' and brings with him impeccable qualifications, including being a noted champion of equal rights for the mayorality - just what we need when we're making sure that we at Nesco are more equal than others.

And no, just because he is a member of the same Milipede party as Brother Cheatham it doesn't mean that he abuses his position. That just wouldn't be cricket, would it! I mean, if a Mayor of somewhere like Clamden can't make a career out of improving communities and receiving nice big bonuses for it, what's the World coming to!

I will say now, I can guarantee that his role as Nesco's non-aligned and completely transparent Equal Rights for Nesco Affairs Manager will be as clear as the clean, clear water in the Thames - sparkling, and although it'll probably be bemoaned by the likes of Councillors Verygood and Dribble, has nothing whatsoever to do with anything else he does outside of being a Nesco employee. Oh no. Not at all.

Anyway, as Jimmy Young used to say before he kicked the bucket, now for a tune by Dame Vera Lynn!


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