Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Dambeth, new future!

I’ve had a welter of an email into my inbox about the Dambeth Nescoop Council revolution that Brother Cheatham launched back in May this year.

As I said to Councillor Verygood in reply, it’s supposed to be a positive development in the great history of this Borough, and a living, breathing example of the ideals to which we ascribe.

In short, it’s the kind of marketing exercise initiative that Dambeth has become famous for; innovative thinking in the operation and delivery of local services, which in the past have included self-ticketing parking wardens and last year’s Dambeth Living Lottery, where one lucky recipient won a jackpot of £2.9m (but sadly had to give it all back). People like Jeremy Dribble from the opposition might moan about a “lack of being very good at anything much”, but they’re just being difficult really.

And there’s also been a lot of cynicism from the not-so-good burghers of Trixton Market – aka the new Brother Cheatham Housing Estate and Retail Park. Yes, you’d expect complaints from these people, and those scrotes down in Scretam (or the ‘Road to Wrack and Ruin’ as I like to call it; I mean, it hardly has any shops, no leisure centre and just a big road running through it. Whoever thought that was a good idea?!), but from those at the top of the shitty heap of political life in Dambeth, I mean, come on!

So I’m on a drive to convince the residents of Dambeth that the Nescoop idea is a goer. It’s all about cooperation, about achieving greater participation in reorientating the community towards Dambeth Council and ensuring that what Nesco ask for, they get.

There’ll be some letters hitting your doormats soon asking you about the name change that Gruesome P. Silverblade tells me he’s ordered Brother Cheatham to send out. He’d appreciate a positive response or they’ll get very huffy and bulldoze the ice palace on Scretam High Road.

So anyway, good to pen some further words on the campaign to create a new form of local council that is cooperative, collaborative and unencumbered by silly little things like ‘democracy’. It’s called consensus, and as long as we let Nesco get their way, they’ll build whatever they like and we will like it!

Onward to the future!

Bye all!

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