Thursday, 7 October 2010

I'm starting my own campaign!

I've just been reading the complaints from Nesco's parting Head of Bulldozers, who has complained that "The planning system is ridiculous; you have to ask people if you can build a hypermegamarket before you knock their bloody houses down!"

The smiling assassin
I have to agree with him: the planning system in this country is a disgrace! I mean, there go Nesco, SlainAndBury's and their kind, trying to revitalise communities with their unique brand of 'putting other shops out of business' and little things like 'consultation' get in the way. I call that unnecessary and overly bureaucratic.

In fact I'm starting my own campaign to introduce the kind of 'consultation' favoured by Dambeth Council officers. All you do is hand-pick some compliant types who you know are secretly a bit scared of you, and then shout 'Boo!' at them. Hey presto; putty in your hands. You get your shop, and they get to say thank you.

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