Monday, 4 October 2010

Moan, moan, moan

News has reached me of yet another complaint that those mindless complainers at Scretam Ice Users group have decided to throw, this time in the direction of Dambeth's esteemed council officers.

A Dambeth Council Officer

They're alleging, apparently, that a local councillor was 'thrown out at a meeting of the Ice Users Group'. Look, the fact is that she was bound to be causing trouble. And the fact that one of the officers (pictured) was heard whispering down the phone to Gruesome P. Silverblade, Head of Community Engagement and Big Society for Nesco (also pictured - yes, he's got the eye patch; poked it out when trying to open a packet of Nesco Value bog roll), has nothing to do with the result that Councillor Verygood was frogmarched out of the building and told to apologise to Sir Very Dripdry (pictured), Chief Shelf Stacker of Nesco.

Don't you just love the parrot?

What makes me angry is the injustice of a bunch of these people making life difficult for a bunch of troublemakers community-minded philanthropic multi-millionaires and property developers: making money isn't a dirty thing, and there most certainly nothing wrong in influencing local councils like Dambeth for the good, especially when it's Nesco's version of good.
"Polyester is my very favourite"; Sir Very Dripdry

Besides which, local authorities don't actually do much anyway, do they? In fact, I hear there's a nice site for a Nesco MiniMegaMart on the current site of Dambeth Town Hall in Trixton.

Bye all!

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