Monday, 11 October 2010

Something's a bit fishy

Well, here I am, sat on my porch atop a beautiful mound of Nesco value tinned spaghetti hoops, looking out at the angry mob, once more. It's a strange sight; I mean sometimes you've got to wonder quite what people expect these days.
Take that former Prime Minister, Brother Grin; great bloke, man of 'the people', but in the end what was he famous for? Invading France or somesuch. Look, the point i'm making is that like Brother Grin, you can try to court good publicity and high regard, or you can balls it up from the start; don't try to fight reality. I know where i'd rather be. Fail with panache, BC!

Tonight's post was thanks to Nesco's value savoury fish scraps. Best eaten off tarmac. Apparently.
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