Thursday, 23 September 2010

How to convince the doubting punters - Part Deux: divide and conquer.

Just been off the blower to Brother C. Carson Cheatham (pictured below), the ubiquitous leader of Dambeth Council.

In fact, I like to think he's taken a leaf out of Big Brother's big book of being ever present. It's mainly because his picture adorns all sorts of publications and paraphernalia that find there way through my Dambeth door with regular abandon, but I hear that after Dambeth Life and the new Up Your Crack, Scretam (I hear Trixton's version is adorned with the word 'pipe' as an addendum) - the latest thrice yearly free shit sheet being published by the PR department - a TV channel of non-stop positivity by Brother Cheatham is in the offing, with a giant jumbotron atop Dambeth Council's HQ. Nice: proactive PR. I like it.

Anyway, I digress. According to Brother Cheatham's missionary team, the Ice Rink Users Group in Scretam are dead chuffed with the temporary-rink-balanced-atop-the-car-park idea in Trixton, or 'fully functioning coffin containing the future of skating in Scretam', as I believe it's been named in certain quarters; what would they know? Apparently the group love it, want it built now, and in fact wouldn't mind if it stayed there. And that's all that matters, given that they are the consultees chosen to approve the project so Nesco's can trouser all the cash.

At a meeting of the Greengrocers Users Group in Trixton last night, a packed meeting of three suspiciously untrusting individuals dressed in disguise heard that all is well with the project, and that it'll all be built in a couple of weeks.

It's great to see that spin and bullshit has been set aside by Dambeth's talented and self-effacing Officers to produce the right results for the people of Lambeth Council, lest I fail to remind you, Nesco Hypermegamarket, the saviours of Scretam High Road.

In fact, I heard that last night they said 'please' before they demanded those attending to kiss their arses. Real progress indeed!

Anyway, good to see the project's coming along so well.

Don't forget to keep updated - I'll give you some more news soon. In the meanwhile, updates are on the Facebook page as usual. Nesco can be found at their website

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